Living Above Embarrassment

Living Above Embarrassment

Topic: Living Above Embarrassment

Text: Act 12:1-17; 11:27-30, James 5:13-18


What does God wants us to do as individuals and as a church. As believers we should always know that there will be unpredictable warfare.

We will be looking at our topic from two broad perspectives

  • See the picture
  • Sign up for the practice

See the Picture

God wants the church to live in comfort regardless of the situation around us. We must be vigilant as believers, be on alert at all times so as to protect ourselves and the church in these evil times. Pictures of famine, death and detention are all around these days but as believers who are right with Christ, it will not come near us.

The early church suffered persecution from King Herod but God eventually prevailed because of the persistent calling on the lord by the early Christians. They prayed without ceasing and persevered in the evil times.

Sign Up for the Practice

In signing up for the practice, you must respond in: Welfare and Warfare.

The early church signed up to pray without ceasing in all the do as it is expected of us as believers now to also pray without ceasing.

Pray without ceasing means to constantly recur to prayer with the help of the Holy Spirit. As believers we must recur to the Holy Spirit to pray in the right way. To pray without ceasing is to make prayer regular and natural as breathing in our lives. It is also to make sure that nothing is too small to take to God in prayers. We need to be united in prayers as believers doing so with few people with like minds.

As believers if only we will sign up for the practice of ceaseless prayers then our lives will always be in accordance to the will of God. There is nothing too hard that prayers cannot solve.


  • The devil and his agents will not take advantage of me
  • Every force that is at work to ridicule me, ridicule them in the name of Jesus
  • No evil intention will prevail over my life in Jesus name

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